s u c h a d r e a m e r

19. Girl. Scandinavia.
Vegan and raw till 4.


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This diet is so “extreme” and “unhealthy”. I mean just look at all the fruit and veggies these high carb vegans are eating! You would be “deluded [to think] this diet is healthy” says nutritionist Fiona Hunter. 😂😂😂😂 haha people can believe what they want to about this lifestyle, but I’ve seen first hand the magic of plants. Stronger healthier hair and nails💅, clearer skin and complexion, no more iron-deficiency anemia, no more “hereditary” high cholesterol levels, no more cravings or binges🚫🍔🍟🍰😞, finally comfortable around food, no more candida issues, great digestion, better energy💫, best sleep ever💤, overall happier moods😃, more compassionate 💗🐷🐮 and hardly ever angry, improved recovery time from workouts, increase immune system, 35lb weight loss 💃, increased muscle mass💪. It’s actually not that hard to sustain because you are always eating in abundance and you are always eating delicious foods!🍌🍓🍒🍉🍇🍊🌱🍚🍲🍜🍙 The hardest part of this lifestyle is shutting up about how awesome it is 😅


Sharing my lunch with our dog! I was going to juice the bowl on the left with a lemon for myself but she loves watermelon so I decided to share :)